Exams passing techniques for students

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A fun read, very provocatively written. But, really, there are teachers who find it difficult to pass the exams, well, if only to use these techniques and items for your profession are not very suitable, because in our training, sometimes studying so much garbage, just horror. Had to use them too, and even the logic of women’s and even women’s charm

And, even then, learning to be, and then your psychological stuff you might need again soon, you will not grow to a head, and there they really need.

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Flunked out although learned 10 of 25 tickets

I’ll try… but to teach, too, will… will see what happens

Yes , interesting , and lecturer on logic , which teaches us all these biased methods of conversation , so to pass the exam ??…mmmm …yeah , I think you will agree with me that it will be a dead issue

Stasia Melova, it is best to clarify the word during study, then you will be put higher was automatic, until the coming session.

If you understand the material, in fact you and writing notes is not necessary, except where the teacher of principle in this matter.

But this is prevention from stressful session, than to deal with the symptoms.

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In General, it is necessary to learn what is interesting

Then for sure a do not have on the fly all shatat will be at the lecture with the fun coming all at once to remember. So choose the profession, not just IN

I was always prepared

Here only it does not replace knowledge.

And on topic (or even a theme) hard to say if this knowledge is zero!

But by themselves NLP-shnye the boards it can be adopted to take

the teacher will still understand that in Glowe nothing


You immediately see that without training (no learning) exams. “Suffered” considerably.

We knowlook: before the opening parenthesis or put a space, and sentences and headings begin with a capital letter.

However, some of the word “cut” ear.

My way of passing exams without preparation – work in the semester. In this case, you do not have to spend sleepless nights trying to catch up!

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One hope – You are at the doctor learn. To take the exam – know the subject, not to deceive the teacher. Even easier is to pay him!

My God, what are we, fools, taught historical materialism-dialectical materialism and scientific communism – it’s impossible to learn, because it defies logic! But honors wasn’t a burden. I still dream that I’m drevnenemetskoe overwhelmed. And even years! The identity was so young, but then Eutychus subtleties do not know, studied conscientiously, many already earned. Stipuha was 350 RUB. Not to die but to survive. The joy was in learning, in knowledge. Not a lot of prep, and the veneration of his knowledge, intelligence, joy absorb the intricacies of the languages ( I am a philologist, mA accuse France). Someone to cheat? Yourself? Shoved test , eczema, cheated and went? How do You work together? Bless the Lord, not a doctor!

The article was supposed to be about technology WIN-WIN. The term entered Carnegie. The ability to win. Meaning:I want a hundred bucks – behave takya. as if you already have them in your pocket. But it’s a completely different application.

Psychotaku in any other field is good, but not on self-certification that is exam. Isn’t that interesting ? Like any test. The idea of article do not accept entirely the Article is called how to cheat and deceive the teacher, when the teaching of the deaf. Earlier, the competitions and free with steussie systems, I would have told You that You are someone else’s place in Wayne is now, when the money learn and exams buy, I just for the rush bolus.

She took many exams, considered themselves to be demanding and fair to any student. But Pontus I could not take. You know – go. Don’t know – walk. Point.ru

For exam-ladder came not only these essays, but of books – notes, clippings, statements. As the poor guy starts to get confused, I told him immediately material: go, read. Read, tell, talk, if that, and read again… Oh, a long time gave me the students… But mostly satisfied.

Remember caught at the exit two girls I saw in the audience: “where are You going?” They say: “Oh, we are, perhaps, some other time”. And I’m like, “It’s me again to come for vacation? What do you mean?! Come, back, sit, read, get ready”. And one young lady was very offended when I “drive” on the course and send you to read. And after 3.5 hours just kissing, so was grateful.

And one guy turn up their noses at first, that were in College something about communication, I asked – was required to read for the course “Speech communication”. Refused: can’t take the higher education program read discipline in the secondary format. He sulked, sulked, I started to ask questions… go read, like a lamb, and then said: “I was a fool, I went to Your classes”. Answer: “why not asked the classmates, we have few who missed them, mostly for good reasons”. “I think that will blow over,” he says, ” where are You going to read next semester?”

And it went then with another thread, even though the competition was staged!

I recall with pleasure the time, even though he paid mere crumbs.

I have not seen, so the teacher was busy with students and that the students were grateful to him at all for anything. Neither the teacher nor the students, we have students just looking for an excuse to let go Yes skip, lishby not to learn. Yes, and teachers, to confess not many that knew her discipline, except that with experience. And those who like to engage with students, so they are loaded with potions. And time is not something that the students at family, only spoke once, saying “Yes, that’s her husband don’t see each other for the third day, Sedna agreed we meet again” jokingly, I asked how?

– He wakes up at 6 and leaves for work, and I at seven and at work, and in the evening I come home he’s asleep already, and so we live.

The horror!

So thank you so much for what you dream, for crying out loud!

Yes, I was easier to load: hourly, contract

Came, worked and left. Why not Tinker? However, in the session I after taking tests / examinations compassionate women otpaivala tea on its own initiative. I guess I looked expressive in the way “of a squeezed lemon”

The University teacher should engage in educational work.

And the students are different. There is grateful that even after graduation they call and just like that, and the Council to ask, and with the holiday congratulate

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from a thread in three groups

But this year no good at it.

Students not interested in anything.

My God, what are we, fools, taught historical materialism-dialectical materialism and scientific communism – it’s impossible to learn, because it defies logic!

this is from the unnecessary items in the field of education, which are stuffed with students

the school of life there was an article on this topic already (search is not found, I do not remember what parameters to look for and sort through everything – lazy)

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Assessment of article: 1

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But the recommendations themselves -fraught with troubles.


Assessment of article: 5

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